If your plugins aren’t ready for the new WordPress editor called “Gutenberg”, you might be worried about the support-load that WordPress 5.0 is going to bring. And while the Classic Editor plugin exists to remove Gutenberg, millions of sites don’t have it installed, which means you could be answering a lot of support emails from upset customers, simply telling them all to install the Classic Editor. 

Avoid the support burden

While I like the idea of Gutenberg, rolling it out to millions of sites without checking 3rd party plugin compatibility in any way beforehand is probably a bad idea. 

Therefore, I put together a simple function which you can place in your WordPress plugin or theme to disable Gutenberg – without requiring the Classic Editor plugin. It’s a simple function which checks every filter and action to see whether it contains the word “gutenberg”, and if it does, this function simply removes that action or filter.

At the time of writing this article, it removes Gutenberg completely, and gives the user back the normal Classic Editor. This simple function could help you avoid tons of support tickets, and helps give you time to build Gutenberg functions into your plugin at your own pace, avoiding the panic. 

Here’s the code, enjoy!


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