Selling WordPress Plugins/Themes requires an eCommerce system. There are many options available for selling, both hosted-for-you, and self-hosted. 

Hosted for you:

If you don’t wish to handle setup, maintenance, and hosting, a good option might be to use a hosted service. A few options available for this are:


Pro’s of Hosted-For-You:

Having a company host your eCommerce for you has some great advantages:

  • Updates, bugs, and security handled for you
  • Hosting management/SSL Certificates handled for you
  • Quicker setup
  • Less business planning
  • End-To-End system already planned-out for you
  • Accounting and reporting typically more straightforward

Con’s of Hosted-For-You:

Having a company host your eCommerce for you also has some drawbacks:

  • Higher cost (typically in the form of a % of sales)
  • No access to payment gateway (Paypal/Stripe, etc)
  • An extra 3rd party is involved in the selling process
  • The store data does not live under your (and only your) direct control
  • The company you use could cease-to-exist at any time, or sell and be under new management. 
  • Policies could change at any time, over which you have no control. 


Hosting your eCommerce store yourself has some big advantages, but also drawbacks of its own. 

Some options available to you if considering Self-Hosted ecommerce:

  • Build-it-yourself

Pro’s of Self-Hosted

  • More profits go directly to you, typically cheaper than Hosted-For-you
  • Direct access to payment gateway and funds whenever you need them
  • You own your data completely, and can do anything with it at any time. 
  • Set your own policies and procedures
  • No dependency on an extra 3rd party

Con’s of Self-Hosted

  • More setup time
  • More business planning required for success
  • More ongoing management time (updates, etc)
  • More technical know-how required

Which is right for you?

Everyone is different, and every business is different. Which one do you prefer? 

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