Simple function to programmatically disable Gutenberg, and use the Classic Editor instead

If your plugins aren’t ready for the new WordPress editor called “Gutenberg”, you might be worried about the support-load that WordPress 5.0 is going to bring. And while the Classic Editor plugin exists to remove Gutenberg, millions of sites don’t have it installed, which means you could be answering a lot of support emails from […]

Gutenberg Blocks won’t kill shortcodes

WordPress’s new editing experience in WordPress 5.0 is built on the idea of Blocks, in that each piece of content on a page is a Block. Blocks are meant to be much more user friendly, with interactive interfaces that allow you to edit/create content in-place, right in the editor.  As a WordPress plugin developer, you […]

How to build JSX Gutenberg blocks without Webpack

If you want to include Gutenberg blocks, which are ReactJS based, in your WordPress plugin or theme, and you’re frustrated with the complication of Webpack and NPM, this tutorial is for you. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already realized that writing in ReactJS is definitely simpler when using JSX. JSX is a javascript syntax […]