Reality Check: Your plugin/theme is probably not worth “renewing”.

It seems like everywhere you turn, everybody is trying to hop onto the recurring subscription train. Everybody wants that sweet, sweet monthly income with little-to-no extra work. There’s your utility providers, like water, gas, and electricity, and it goes on and on, from cable tv, to Netflix, Spotify, Google Drive, Disney+, and more. Everybody from […]

Are your software updates making your product worse?

Ahhh Version 1. Back when the code was simpler, there were less features and less complexity, and everything was focused around a single, simple idea. Every WordPress Plugin developer will eventually be faced with customer support and customer questions that lead them away from the original goal of their plugin. The question is, do you […]

The dangers of selling auto-recurring subscriptions, and how to avoid them.

Selling recurring subscriptions is a great idea to consider for any WordPress Plugin or Theme business. After all, it’s much easier to get repeat sales from existing customers than it is to find new customers. It’s cheaper on marketing ($0), and also more dependable/predictable income. However, if done incorrectly, it can sink your whole business. […]

How discounts and sales are killing your plugin/theme brand

If you’re thinking of having a discount or a sale, and you sell WordPress Plugins or WordPress Themes, you may wish to consider the un-intended side-effects. Why sales exist in the physical world Sales became a thing in the physical world of retail to help move old inventory off the shelves to make space for […]

Sales tax on digital products, and why it’s not easy.

Charging sales tax on online sales is, unfortunately, not as simple as it might seem. The complexity comes down to the fact the every country/state/province/city/county all have different tax laws, and building+managing an eCommerce system that covers all of them really isn’t something that makes sense. Brick-and-mortar stores have it easy.  Charging sales tax on […]

eCommerce: Hosted or Self-Hosted? That is the question.

Selling WordPress Plugins/Themes requires an eCommerce system. There are many options available for selling, both hosted-for-you, and self-hosted.  Hosted for you: If you don’t wish to handle setup, maintenance, and hosting, a good option might be to use a hosted service. A few options available for this are: Pro’s of […]